Project Overview

Project Overview

Goal: Use the skills from this class to increase the efficiency or effectiveness of the integration of computational thinking in your classroom teaching.

Part I: In Part I of this project, you will create a statement of how computational thinking applies to your domain or subject.

Part II: In Part II of this project, you will document your plan for integrating at least one computational thinking concept into a lesson, activity, unit, project, module, or curriculum.

Sample Projects

Feedback, Assessment, and Grading

  • This project is intended for your own benefit, since we believe the best way to solidify knowledge is by practicing it! Therefore we will not be assigning letter or number grades to your work.

  • In order to earn a certificate of completion for this course, you must submit both parts I and II of this final project.

  • If you would like feedback on your work, or would like to see a sample of other learners' projects, we encourage you to share them on the class Google+ Community.