Project, Part II

Note: the final project can no longer be submitted, and is only present here for you to practice the skills learned in the class.

Part II: Make a plan to integrate computational thinking into your teaching

Instructions: for Part II of this project, document your plan for integrating at least one computational thinking concept into a lesson, activity, unit, project, module, or curriculum. This documentation could fall into any of the following categories:

  • Curriculum plan integrating at least one computational thinking concept (decomposition, algorithms, pattern recognition, abstraction, etc.)
    • Lesson Plan (road map of what students needs to learn and how it will be effectively implemented during the class, lecture, or period of time; it describes the title, keywords, objectives, activities, and assessments during class time)
    • Assessment (an activity, test, or project that evaluates or measures if students met the objectives and to what degree)
    • Lesson Activity (one action or a group of actions done by students with a goal of supporting lesson objectives)
    • Project (a piece of work in which students gain skills by working for a specified time period to solve a problem, investigate, or respond to a complex challenge, problem or task)
    • Unit Plan (or Module plan in some countries; a group of related lessons, activities, assessments, and projects that share a common larger objective, usually completed over the period of multiple days to multiple weeks)
  • Communication plan for your students, parents, or school community explaining
    • what computational thinking is
    • why computational thinking is important, and
    • how and where you will begin integrating it (e.g. subject, term, curriculum, project, activity, lesson, project, after-school curricula, service project, module, etc.
  • Other!

Sample Projects:

Note: if you use one of these, please make a copy and edit it to match your situation.

  1. Which computational thinking concept(s) will you be using in your teaching practice?
  2. Select one or more

  3. What type of plan will you create?
  4. Select one or more

  5. What are you going to do?
  6. Describe and/or link to the strategy plan, or plan for a lesson, activity, or student project. How is computational thinking embedded? What is your timeframe; when will you implement it? How long will your project last?

  7. How will you know if the project is successful?
  8. Cross-curricular connections formed, increased student scores, increased engagement, more effective lesson, enriched discussions and perspectives, etc.

  9. Share a Google Doc outlining your plan with us, or a specific URL (if a Google Site, Calendar, Group, G+ Community, etc.). Select the Final Project category. In your post, add tags or type of assignment, grade level, and subject area, for example, “#activity #class9 #socialstudies.” This makes it easier for other educators to search and find your plan.
  10. Please edit the access rights to this document so that "Anyone with the link can view"

  11. If you would like feedback on your plan prior to implementing it, please share a link to the Google Doc with your plan in course G+ community. Select the Final Project category.